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about me

I’m a forward-thinking professional with 20+ years of diverse achievements.

A specialist in finance, bespoke taxation strategy, investment, business strategy, management, business growth and M&A. Using out-of-the-box thinking to consistently continue to increase profits and exceed all client expectations.
my mission

My Mission Statement is...

To provide comprehensive and customized financial and investment solutions to my clients, leveraging our expertise and experience to help them achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future.
my value

What I stand for.

  1. Client-focused: My clients are at the center of everything I do. I strive to understand their unique financial needs and objectives and provide tailored solutions that align with their goals.
  2. Expertise: I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in finance and investment. I leverage my expertise and experience to provide sound advice and guidance to our clients.
  3. Innovation: I am constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help my clients achieve their financial goals. I embrace change and am always looking for ways to improve my services and solutions.

Professional Achievements

Developing high people management standards to encourage personal development, professional excitement and employee retention.
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Want To Know More...

I’m a forward-thinking professional with 20+ years of diverse achievements in finance, bespoke taxation solutions, investment , business strategy, management, business growth and M&A.

As a motivational leader, I provide comprehensive and data-driven strategies that increase return on investment in various competitive markets. I also forge lasting stakeholder and investor relationships, ensuring the best possible strategic advisory services while navigating the complexities of markets across the globe.

Using out-of-the-box thinking, I continue to increase profits and exceed all expectations on a consistent basis

Key areas of specialization:
Mergers & Acquisitions / Specialist Taxation Strategy / Analytics / Deal Structuring / Investment & Fund Management / Business Development / Executive Leadership / Global Business / Innovation / Market Evaluations / Stakeholder Engagement / Investor Relations / Accountancy Practices / Digital Services / eCommerce / Innovation / Asset & Wealth Protection / Stock Market Strategy / Partnerships / Marketing / Fundraising

Selected highlights from my career:
Received the LloydsTSB Asian Jewel Award, the EMBF Rising Star Award, the Tiger Award, and Royal Mail’s title of Regional Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year.
Successfully floated two businesses on the OFEX and AIM stock exchanges for a total value of over £60m
Established Corporate Advisor for four other market listings within a single financial year
Established and orchestrated high-performing businesses, understanding market nuances and securing crucial deals worldwide.
Partnered with diverse clients to deliver income trust, asset trust, fiduciary management, and wealth management services at Ogilvy & Haart, protecting key assets and increasing profits in line with strict client requirements.
Launched new profit making business divisions within The Royal Bank of Scotland Group and helped acquire add-on organizations for the Group increasing shareholder value
Exemplary educational qualifications include a Master of Laws and a Master of Arts in Marketing.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, football, and self-development. Please get in touch if you would like further information or just an informal chat.

What my Clients Says

We have a wide range of clients across many financial spheres, from small family offices to major national and international corporations.
“We needed a solution that was flexible and usable, and Issac had the best value proposition for us. It makes us faster, more efficient and more profitable.”
Mrs RW
“Issac helped us increase our overall success through introducing a tailored taxation solution which not only meant we retained further profits, but helped us through these difficult last few years.”
Business Owner
“I just wanted to thank you for helping me move forwards with looking at the very different, but highly beneficial investment opportunities. My fiends will be in touch.”
“We needed help developing a much more robust financial modal for our business. Issac and his team made the whole process simple, yet extremely effective.”

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