Being a Productive Leader

Being a productive leader during this quarantine period is a lot harder than it sounds. Not only do you need to worry about maintaining the survival of your own business and the ones that you depend on to stay profitable, but you also have the responsibility of leading a team of people who are dependent on you and who are also worrying about their future. They need to be consistently reassured at a time of uncertainty.


Over half of Americans are currently telecommuting and the idea of time management has taken on a whole new meaning. Studies are showing that, not only are workers being more productive at home, they are also communicating better, which is great. But with no clear end date in sight, people still need productive leadership to keep them focused and prioritize efficiency as a common goal.


At first glance, the image of running a business from home might seem almost luxurious, with the elimination of a morning routine or commute. The truth is that you still need to use your free time effectively. Don’t run your business as if every day is a disaster, in panic mode. As a leader, you should be thinking about getting ahead of the situation. Sometimes that means making unpopular decisions that will help your company stay alive in the long term. Delegating tasks that are not an effective use of your time will free you up to focus on the really hard decisions. 


A virtual assistant (VA) is a great choice for someone who needs business-related things done without the expense of hiring a fulltime employee or paying for their healthcare. They can either be contract-based or unit-based, and they can work 100% remotely. Some tasks you can hire virtual assistants to do include event planning, social media engagement, digital marketing, report preparation, and scheduling travel.


One other major issue that you might want to consider outsourcing is security. With employees telecommuting, you no longer have the same secure networks that are run at the office. You still have business files and customer data that needs to be protected, so it is vital that you arrange for security and enough broadband speed for employees to be effective and safe while working from home. 


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