How Mentorship Can Change an Entrepreneur’s Trajectory

Most entrepreneurs do not have a mentor, which is unfortunate. While there is value in learning through experience, it’s also important to avoid common pitfalls. This is best accomplished by having someone you can talk to about your business endeavors as an entrepreneur. In fact, having a mentor can literally change the trajectory of your […]

How Managers Can Establish Clear Expectations With Employees?

Some of the best and most respected employers are those that set clear and precise expectations for employees to follow. That said, accomplishing this task might not always be easy. However, setting specific guidelines and expectations may be performed by executing the following provisions:   Establish Where Expectations Are Necessary   The most effective overseers […]

How to Successfully Sell Anything to Anyone

Selling isn’t as difficult as you think. As much as you might struggle with your sales approach while trying to improve conversions, there’s actually a simple way to sell anything to anyone.   That sounds like a big promise, but this powerful technique is easy to implement and master.   It’s the art of effective […]

Healthy Money Mindsets

A person’s money mindset affects every aspect of his/ her financial life. People who don’t save money but spend everything they have or those who stay deeply in debt are often acting out of these unconscious mindsets. A negative money mindset affects the filters through which life is viewed; this causes people to literally not […]

Don’t Let Your Blind Spot Distort Reality

The “blind spot” is the area in the back of the eyeball that lacks receptors and thus cannot absorb the light coming into the eye. We’re not consciously aware of these gaps because our brains literally invent information that fills in our fields of vision. We all have mental blind spots that warp our perspective […]

3 Strategies to Manage Your Time and Maximize Your Results

Time is a non-negotiable, non-renewable resource, but somehow, we seem to forget this, especially when we become overwhelmed. But if you can remove distractions and prioritize important tasks, you can do more and end up a lot happier, too.   Consider this: Do you proactively engage in your day or simply “fall into activity”? In […]

Does Your Job Align With Your Priorities?

When it comes to taking a new job, many people might be tempted to look only at the money offered. While money is an important consideration, it’s still possible to be miserable while making serious money. Most employees will have additional priorities, and it’s a good idea to look into these before taking a new […]

Napoleon Hill’s 28 Self-Analysis Questions

Annual self-analysis is an essential in the effective marketing of personal services, as is annual inventory in merchandising. Moreover, the yearly analysis should disclose a decrease in faults, and an increase in virtues. One goes ahead, stands still, or goes backward in life. One’s object should be, of course, to go ahead. Annual self-analysis will […]

Do These Three Things to Be Better at Decision-Making

    Every day, we are faced with life situations that we must confront. They require us to make certain choices, and those choices aren’t always easy. But because all decisions are the foundation for creating a life we love—or hate—it makes sense to try to make good ones. Unfortunately, the strategies for making good […]

3 Reasons Lateral Career Moves Can Be Beneficial To Your Career

The idea of climbing the corporate ladder can be something of a fallacy. It implies first of all that the climb to the top is linear, when in fact it often looks a lot more similar to the hokey-pokey. Secondly, it implies that you reach the top one rung at a time. In truth, your […]