Sour Thoughts: It Only Takes 5 Steps to Ruin Your Day

The strength your thoughts possess to steer the course of your life is often grossly underestimated. It is for that reason you must take stock in your thinking process on a regular basis, whether good or bad. Not every thought that drops into the space between your ears is worth being allowed to plant itself […]

3 Keys to Developing Daily Disciplines

If you struggle with managing your greatest resource, time, it is possible that you have not yet harnessed the power and leverage of creating daily disciplines. An ancient Proverb says, “He who neglects discipline despises himself.” The most powerful decision you will ever make in productivity is building rhythm and routine around doing what matters […]

How to Make the Most out of your Mentoring Lesson

Taking the time to work with a mentor shows your commitment to excelling in your entrepreneurial endeavors, but so few people really make the most out of their mentoring experience. Instead of taking insights as they’re doled out, asking pertinent questions can provide a more enriching experience. Here are a few topics you may want […]

Career Decisions to Make When the Stock Market is Seesawing

The only constant in the stock market is that it is always changing. When it begins to seesaw it’s easy to go into panic mode and wonder what to do next. Before going into a scramble, take a look at these career decisions to make when the stock market is seesawing:   When to make […]

How to Leave a Positive Leadership Legacy

Introduction   There’s more to leadership than just being the person in command. A good leader is one that is remembered for the way that he or she treated people, and how they did that. Interestingly, people are more likely to be motivated to leave a positive legacy by their fear of a bad image […]

Seven Words to Live By!

Read how these “seven words to live by” will help to ensure that you experience an extraordinary year and it is something Issac Qureshi, a business coach based in London and Manchester uses each day!   Imagination   Most people use the imagination the wrong way. They imagine the worst that could happen instead envisioning […]

What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency Taxes

Cryptocurrency may be seen as a wild frontier for many in the investment world, but no one can escape the taxman. Cryptocurrency is as subject to taxation as any other asset, but its tangled definition means that understanding the tax regulations regarding it can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know as the deadline […]

Others Saved Millions by Avoiding These Stock Plan Mistakes

Avoid the following mistakes to make your Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) and your Incentive Stock Options (ISO) give you the most in returns. Some might be obvious, but others are not. We mention them here because there’s always someone making one of these mistakes and the losses can be enormous. Quick tips about ESPP […]

Maximizing Business Expenses: Travel and Subsistence

In computing the profits of a trade or a profession, expenses are deductible to the extent that they are incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business. This general test applies equally to travel and subsistence expenses as to other types of business expenses. Expenses which may fall into this category include vehicle […]

Is Your Sales Funnel Broken?

Sales funnels can be one of the most beneficial tools to help grow your business. Taking your customer by hand and leading through the entire process, while getting to know your product not only gets them to sign up, but continue working with you and the service that you offer. Doing business this way has […]