Transformative Leadership

The word “crisis” may hold negative connotations for most people, but a crisis can also represent an opportunity. Crises create energy, and that energy can be dangerous, but it can also be harnessed for greater power. In fact, it must be harnessed because if it is ignored, it will still affect a team or a […]

You should contact Issac Qureshi as he is the best mentor in the UK

Do you own a business or thinking of starting one?  Then by far the best investment you can make is contacting a mentor. As much as 20% of small businesses fail within their first year, 30% the year after, and after 5 years half of new businesses will have gone out of business. What the […]

Finding a Tax Advisor

Filing taxes, as worrisome as they are for some, are still legally require. But for those who just can’t get the figures right, they leave it in the hands of a professional tax advisor. However, people need to be wary of whom they entrust their financial information and tax preparation to. Unfortunately, with as many […]

Issac Qureshi is one of the Best Mentoring and Coaching Experts in the UK

Are you starting your first business? Planning to grow your existing company? Or maybe looking to take the next step up the corporate ladder from your current role?  There are many reasons to look for a business coaching in the UK. But finding a great mentor can be a challenging jungle to navigate. How do […]

Being a Productive Leader

Being a productive leader during this quarantine period is a lot harder than it sounds. Not only do you need to worry about maintaining the survival of your own business and the ones that you depend on to stay profitable, but you also have the responsibility of leading a team of people who are dependent […]

Rekindling Your Leadership Passion

Successful leadership takes a lot of effort, dedication, and passion for the work. Passion is putting going above and beyond for the company and subordinates. When effective leaders demonstrate their passion, it spreads to others and gives them extra motivation. When passion wanes, there are numerous ways to ignite it. Ways to regain passion for […]

What Your Team Needs Out of Your Leadership

A strong team is always directed by a strong leader. Thus, there are things that a leader should improve about themselves to be a better example for those around them. Team members need to see certain qualities and traits from their leader to apply themselves better and put their best foot forward. Aside from being […]

What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency Taxes

Cryptocurrency may be seen as a wild frontier for many in the investment world, but no one can escape the taxman. Cryptocurrency is as subject to taxation as any other asset, but its tangled definition means that understanding the tax regulations regarding it can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know as the deadline […]

Is Your Sales Funnel Broken?

Sales funnels can be one of the most beneficial tools to help grow your business. Taking your customer by hand and leading through the entire process, while getting to know your product not only gets them to sign up, but continue working with you and the service that you offer. Doing business this way has […]

How to Set Achievable Goals

Setting goals is one way to hold yourself accountable for what needs to be achieved in your life. Whether it is saving money, buying a house, or something as simple as taking a small trip a year; goal setting can put you in the best position to take control and make it happen. But, how […]