When it comes to taking a new job, many people might be tempted to look only at the money offered. While money is an important consideration, it’s still possible to be miserable while making serious money. Most employees will have additional priorities, and it’s a good idea to look into these before taking a new job. 

Is the Company Socially Responsible

Some industries lend themselves to offending the moral sensibilities of a large portion of the population. For example, tobacco companies have been responsible for untold numbers of premature death through selling addictive and cancer-causing products. Those who have a problem with the business model of a tobacco company might want to avoid taking a job with one regardless of what the job might pay. 

Consider Company Practices

Work-life balance is a popular buzzword in today’s working environment. Many companies will claim to have a respect for their employees’ need for a proper work-life balance. The stated goal and the actual practice may vary quite a bit in reality. Getting to know employees of a prospective company is a good idea before taking a job. Does a company give people who take vacations a hard time even when they are entitled to a certain amount of paid time off? If so, it might be a company to avoid. Female employees might want to check on whether a prospective employer has a track record of promoting and empowering women. Policies do not matter unless they are actually put into practice. 

Take an On-site Interview

Many companies are now opting to use Skype or some other teleconferencing software to conduct interviews. These provide benefits for employers. Remote interviews obviously cost less than flying a prospective employee to the job site. However, it’s a good idea for would-be workers to interview at the office. Taking an interview on-site will allow the interviewee to get a better sense of the working environment a company has to offer. Do the employees seem relatively content with their working conditions, or do they seem to mindlessly drone away while seeming to be unhappy to be at the office. Getting a feel for an office environment will provide a good idea of whether a job aligns with a prospective employee’s values and priorities.