Finding a Tax Advisor

Filing taxes, as worrisome as they are for some, are still legally require. But for those who just can’t get the figures right, they leave it in the hands of a professional tax advisor.

However, people need to be wary of whom they entrust their financial information and tax preparation to. Unfortunately, with as many reputable tax advisors there are, there are others who aren’t as honest or equipped to the job.

Here’s how to find a quality tax advisor.

Ensure They Do E-File

Tax advisors are expected by the IRS to use their e-file system. The e-filing system is what allows people to file their taxes online. While it’s not necessarily mandated, a reliable tax advisor will always use this system. However, there are some tax advisors who do not offer e-file. If this is the case, it’s a clear sign that they’re not as reliable as they may seem.


See if They Sign a Filled Out Tax Return

Unlike the e-file system, tax advisors are mandated by law to sign each of their client’s tax returns. Any advisor that asks you to sign a blank tax return may have ulterior motives.

For those wondering how, signing a blank tax return gives the tax advisor the ability to put pretty much anything they want. This includes putting their own bank account information. If a tax advisor insists that a client signs before anything is written, report them and look elsewhere.

Compare the Prices

A good tax advisor will charge a reasonable price. In fact, the average cost of a tax advisor filing a basic tax return is usually between $150 to $180. Remember that the price does depend on how many returns are being filed.

If an advisor charges more than $200 for one tax return, it may be best to look elsewhere. Always make sure to compare the prices of tax advisors before making a final decision. It would also help if clients took a look at the reviews left behind by other clients.

Finding the right tax advisor takes more than a simple online search. Make sure that the one chosen understands all the logistics of filing taxes and has positive reviews from prior customers as well.



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