Having a strong, positive attitude builds a strong foundation for resilience in your professional mindset. Here are some tips on how you can lay that foundation to help you achieve greater success in your life.

Learn to coach yourself
Your actions will follow your thoughts. If you wish to become more successful, become mindful of your thoughts and chose to think deliberately. Learn to recognize when you start to become unproductive and negative. Once you learn to become aware of this, you can reprogram your mind to change fear to courage and negativity to positivity. It takes great practice to master this skill so seek a professional to help you get started.

Provide yourself with incentives

Knowing there is a reward can help motivate you to pursue your goals and change your life. Knowing why you do things will help you stay disciplined. This discipline will eventually lead to enthusiasm and passion.

Set small goals
Setting a large goal can be daunting. Setting smaller goals that lead up to your big goal will help you feel like you’re accomplishing more and can help keep you on track. Your attitude will automatically be elevated and more positive.

Manage your anxiety
Success is not an easy, one-way street. There will be challenges and sometimes dead ends. Do not allow these hard times to get the best of you. Loss of control in a situation will happen but remind yourself that you are in control of how you react to the situation with your thoughts and emotions. Be careful of thinking too much about the “what ifs” and focus on what is happening right now. Instead of focusing your mind on problems, focus on the solutions.

Be hungry
Remind yourself each day to show your hunger for success. Over the course of time, your eagerness will become natural and saturate your attitude. This emotion becomes the force that drives your discipline to the stick to your goals.

Be physically active
It’s easy to say “I don’t have time to exercise” but that’s only hurting your success. Making time in your day to become physically active will not only make you feel better physically but it has tremendous emotional health benefits as well. Exercise releases endorphins throughout your body which can quickly turn your negativity into positivity.