How Servant Leadership Can Positively Change a Work Environment

Servant leadership is a philosophy that is not quite like the conventional understanding of leadership styles. Conventional leadership tends to place the business and organization before the employees. However, the central focus of servant leadership pays much mind to the employees and members of the team. Someone in a servant leadership role cares about each individual as a person and their goals. It isn’t just about looking at the other person as an asset or liability. Some common traits and objectives of one in this role is as follows.


Cultivate Leadership in Others


Leadership is not just a role to carry when managing others. Leadership is something everyone should strive to be in their personal domains. Someone fulfilling a servant leadership role sees the potential and gifts of others and want to help them reach leadership status in their own way. This means having visions, acting on ideas, going after goals, and setting towards new directions. This type of leader understands that leadership is a role that can be expressed by several people simultaneously as everyone has their own minds and ideas. They encourage their team members to share and have no problem taking direction from others as well.


Be Self-less


Being the most well-known or having a perfect image is not what interests a servant leader. As long as they are helping others to reach their maximum capabilities, these leaders do not focus on the gossip of reputation. Also, if a member were to gain a higher status or position, the leader would be proud of their progression.




Competition is not much tolerated in this kind of environment. Servant leadership makes sure that everyone knows they are on the same team. They go above and beyond to nurture aspects of members’ conduct, well-being, skillset, and safety on the job.


Building a Community


It is much more than having employees or volunteers. A servant leader will make their team feel irreplaceable and highly prized. A sense of community is very important to have as it cultivates a strong connection between all individuals involved. Being in tune with others allows for much more empathy and compassion. The task is more likely to be complete when people feel secure and able to contribute.


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