How to Set Achievable Goals

Setting goals is one way to hold yourself accountable for what needs to be achieved in your life. Whether it is saving money, buying a house, or something as simple as taking a small trip a year; goal setting can put you in the best position to take control and make it happen. But, how can you set achievable goals? This process is just as important as the goal itself.


This is the first step to setting achievable goals, deciding. Choose something you’d like to do, whether it be big or small, make the choice. Let it be something that you’re interested in or excited for, this will make the process easier when working towards it. Goals that help us grow are the best type and will be motivating for us.

Write it Down

Putting your goal on paper gives yourself validation that it is real and achievable. Don’t over think this step, but write down ways that you will make it happen, how it will look during the process and how it will feel once it is completed. Make this very specific and positive. Write your goal down in terms of what you want, and not what you don’t want.

Tell Someone

Letting someone know what you are working towards will increase your likelihood of completing it. An outside source of motivation can be great, and can help keep you on task when you start to fall short.

Break it Down

Goals can be complicated and will require many steps. Breaking it down into pieces will allow you to achieve it slowly, but surely. You want to be as specific as possible when breaking it down, so that you can thoroughly complete each step. If your goal is about saving money, be sure to know exactly how much you will save, down to the day. Having smaller goals that lead to one larger goal can give us the feeling of small success and keep up motivated to continue.


One of the most important steps in setting goals, is planning your first step. When is it going to happen? How will it happen? This is just as important as the goal. Once you plan your first step, and you achieve it, you can move on to the next. A first step is any positive movement in the direction of your goal.

Keep Going

Achieving your goals may sometime become difficult, but keep going. If it is easy, it isn’t worth it. If a step you planned out seems faulty, try something else, but do not stop moving a positive direction toward what you want to achieve. It is okay to make adjustments, and even change your timeline, but do not give up.


Once you’ve reached your goals, take the time to celebrate your accomplishment! This is a huge part of goal setting, getting to the end and being able to reward yourself. Not only will you have the reward of the achieved goal, but the planned celebration for getting there!

Setting goals for yourself is a great way to get where you want in life, and remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind too. It is not easy to set goals, and stick to them, but once you get the achievement bug, you’ll always be looking for your next goal to work towards.


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