Selling isn’t as difficult as you think. As much as you might struggle with your sales approach while trying to improve conversions, there’s actually a simple way to sell anything to anyone.


That sounds like a big promise, but this powerful technique is easy to implement and master.


It’s the art of effective storytelling.


In this article, we’ll show you how using stories can take any prospect and turn them into a buyer.


Let’s dive in.


People Buy When Their Emotions Are Moved


You can spend all day explaining features and benefits. That doesn’t drive a buyer. Emotions do.


Let’s imagine you’ve written an online course about how to turn $100 into $10,000 in 90 days. You know the content is spot-on and it can help anybody who’s wanting to make some serious money.


Option one is that you pitch the course by explaining how smart you are, and how you can make them just as smart if they plunk down the $37 you’re charging.


Option two is that you give a detailed story of a broke single mother who only had $100 left to her name when she stumbled on your course. Now she’s worth over $200,000 just by following your instruction.


Which option do you think will compel a buyer to opt into your product?


When Will Storytelling Not Work?


The answer is: never. If you’re trying to move cars, step reciting the new technology specs of the 2020 model. Instead, talk about how you felt the first time you took it on a test drive.


If you’re pitching insurance, save all the gory policy details for later. Start off by telling a story of how that life insurance policy helped save the family home when the bread-winner unexpectedly passed away.


Storytelling is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. It’ll transform your sales process overnight and help close sales that used to seem impossible.


The Right Story Is Right in Front of Your Face


No matter what you’re selling, start right now by thinking of ways that your product or service has had a positive impact on someone’s life.


Then, take that story and start leading your sales pitch with it. This works in person, online, or over the phone.


Give it a try today!