Let us introduce Issac Qureshi as one of the best mentors in the UK

If you are a business owner or professional, we don’t have to explain how important finding a mentor is for the success of your business. There are literally endless articles being publish online about exactly that. 

Instead, we are going to introduce maybe the best mentor in the UK; Issac Qureshi. When it comes to business coaching there is only two things that matter: Have your coach/mentor walked the walk and put the principles they preach to use themselves? And are they able to effectively communicate and teach their skills  to others? 

The answer to both those questions in the case of Issac Qureshi is a resounding YES!

With an ever growing horde of self-proclaimed business gurus, who started their career with an online course on coaching, Issac stands out by having run successful businesses for almost two decades. His first startup, went from 0 to over half a million in revenues in just 18 months. 6 months later, he successfully negotiated a £7.4m market sale of the company. If these are the kinds of results, you are after, Issac Qureshi could quite easily be the best mentor for you. 

However, not all industries have a prospect of that much growth, that quickly. Ann that might not be your goal at all. In many sectors, simply building a solid company, robust enough to last more than the 5 years in which most startups fold, is a huge achievement in itself. Issac have managed organisations with such goes as well, and can help you swear clear of the usual pitfalls that cause so many businesses to go out of business. 

As a UK based mentor, Issac bases his advice and coaching on proven methodologies that has gotten results for businesses in UK. His personal experience handling multimillion budgets, corporate mergers, rebranding large businesses, and growing startups into highly profitable businesses gives him in-depth hands-on knowledge of the UK market. That is valuable insights whether you are just starting your business, or looking to grow an already established organisation. 

Of course, even with the best business coaching adviser in the UK, you still need to have a solid business plan and the will to put in the work that success requires. Issac has a sterling reputation for being able to guide and motivate his mentees, but you have to come with an open mindset and be ready to learn. 

To learn more about what great business mentoring can do for your business, contact Issac Qureshi.


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