What Your Team Needs Out of Your Leadership

A strong team is always directed by a strong leader. Thus, there are things that a leader should improve about themselves to be a better example for those around them. Team members need to see certain qualities and traits from their leader to apply themselves better and put their best foot forward. Aside from being […]

Powerful Habits Practiced by Executives

Executives that get in positions of power are going to put a lot of time into developing powerful habits. They develop habits that help them build strong teams. Anyone that is in an executive role has to have a level of discipline, and the following provides some of the habits that most of them tend […]

Achieving Your Long Term Goals

Goals are essentially objectives that people set in order to achieve something specific and meaningful to them. Some people make goals to improve their fitness, lose weight or move into a new home. Goals can be used as markers to track one’s progress and achievements. Setting objectives can put one’s priorities into perspective, seeing what […]

Making Employees Feel Proud of Their Work

Amongst the primary goals of every manager is to inspire their employees to execute good work. That said, pride might also yield a greater level of company spirit and productivity. Executives might encourage their workers to display more pride by adhering to the following suggestions:   Learn Employee Inspirations   Naturally, most employees will perform […]

How Servant Leadership Can Positively Change a Work Environment

Servant leadership is a philosophy that is not quite like the conventional understanding of leadership styles. Conventional leadership tends to place the business and organization before the employees. However, the central focus of servant leadership pays much mind to the employees and members of the team. Someone in a servant leadership role cares about each […]

How Managers Can Establish Clear Expectations With Employees?

Some of the best and most respected employers are those that set clear and precise expectations for employees to follow. That said, accomplishing this task might not always be easy. However, setting specific guidelines and expectations may be performed by executing the following provisions:   Establish Where Expectations Are Necessary   The most effective overseers […]

Healthy Money Mindsets

A person’s money mindset affects every aspect of his/ her financial life. People who don’t save money but spend everything they have or those who stay deeply in debt are often acting out of these unconscious mindsets. A negative money mindset affects the filters through which life is viewed; this causes people to literally not […]

Don’t Let Your Blind Spot Distort Reality

The “blind spot” is the area in the back of the eyeball that lacks receptors and thus cannot absorb the light coming into the eye. We’re not consciously aware of these gaps because our brains literally invent information that fills in our fields of vision. We all have mental blind spots that warp our perspective […]

Does Your Job Align With Your Priorities?

When it comes to taking a new job, many people might be tempted to look only at the money offered. While money is an important consideration, it’s still possible to be miserable while making serious money. Most employees will have additional priorities, and it’s a good idea to look into these before taking a new […]

Why a Safe Life is a Mediocre Life

Legendary author Steven Pressfield said, “Writing isn’t hard. Sitting down to start is hard.” And so, it is with most other areas of life. That’s precisely why you and I must commit to be a finisher; someone who is dedicated to not settle for 80% but one who closes deals and projects and completes personal […]