How to Regain Focus

If you feel as though recent events have bombarded you with negativity, you’re not alone. While it is common to feel frustrated or confused by everything going on in your life, you can purge those negative emotions and thoughts by becoming more self-aware. The following tips will help you regain your focus. Reduce Your Exposure […]

Transformative Leadership

The word “crisis” may hold negative connotations for most people, but a crisis can also represent an opportunity. Crises create energy, and that energy can be dangerous, but it can also be harnessed for greater power. In fact, it must be harnessed because if it is ignored, it will still affect a team or a […]

Ask Yourself These Questions to Succeed

According to George Bernard Shaw, people do not find themselves in life; they create themselves. Today’s society is overflowing with individuals in the pursuit of more fulfilling lives. The traditional idea of ‘surviving’ life is long gone.   Capitalism, as well as technology in transport and communication, has made the prospects for success attainable. A […]

3 Tips on How to Sharpen Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential when people want to convey clear messages to others. Innovation and technology make sure that people keep in contact wherever they are. During this global pandemic, communication skills are under scrutiny because one on one conversations are few, especially in the workplace. Many people are embracing the act of working remotely. […]

Let us introduce Issac Qureshi as one of the best mentors in the UK

If you are a business owner or professional, we don’t have to explain how important finding a mentor is for the success of your business. There are literally endless articles being publish online about exactly that.  Instead, we are going to introduce maybe the best mentor in the UK; Issac Qureshi. When it comes to […]

How to Improve Employee Productivity

The most important thing for a business is the well-being of their employees. This is because not only does providing a great working environment make everyone feel better, but it can also lead to great productivity, which is exactly what you need to start growing your business. Therefore, the following list includes some of the […]

You should contact Issac Qureshi as he is the best mentor in the UK

Do you own a business or thinking of starting one?  Then by far the best investment you can make is contacting a mentor. As much as 20% of small businesses fail within their first year, 30% the year after, and after 5 years half of new businesses will have gone out of business. What the […]

Finding a Tax Advisor

Filing taxes, as worrisome as they are for some, are still legally require. But for those who just can’t get the figures right, they leave it in the hands of a professional tax advisor. However, people need to be wary of whom they entrust their financial information and tax preparation to. Unfortunately, with as many […]

Being a Productive Leader

Being a productive leader during this quarantine period is a lot harder than it sounds. Not only do you need to worry about maintaining the survival of your own business and the ones that you depend on to stay profitable, but you also have the responsibility of leading a team of people who are dependent […]

Rekindling Your Leadership Passion

Successful leadership takes a lot of effort, dedication, and passion for the work. Passion is putting going above and beyond for the company and subordinates. When effective leaders demonstrate their passion, it spreads to others and gives them extra motivation. When passion wanes, there are numerous ways to ignite it. Ways to regain passion for […]