A strong team is always directed by a strong leader. Thus, there are things that a leader should improve about themselves to be a better example for those around them. Team members need to see certain qualities and traits from their leader to apply themselves better and put their best foot forward. Aside from being the director, leaders should also incorporate some of the following characteristics into their leadership as well:


Kindness & Patience

Leadership is not about being bossy. Some people tend to get caught up in titles and feel emboldened enough to boss others around. A boss is a person that demands their workers to do tasks. However, leaders understand that there is no hierarchy. There is only a team in which that leader is a part of just as everyone else. Teams need their leaders to be patient and kind especially when guiding them through certain instructions. Everyone learns using different methods and everyone progresses at a different rate. So, leaders to allow a little extra time to effectively address these matters.



Team members need their leader to be certain in the direction they would like to take the company. A leader who lacks certainty will make the rest of the team confused as to how to approach important projects and resolve issues. Having certainty displays a level of confidence that inspires all those around to also heed this example.


Stern & Decisiveness

Decisiveness is necessary for a smooth-running business. This is especially needed when leaders are provided constructive criticism to their team. It’s not about blaming others for their mistakes. Being stern with criticism will help teammates to make effective and prompt corrections. Also, if a leader is making a decision to relieve a team member of their duties, they should hold to their agreements. This commitment will show others that their leader is consistent in their words.



A team also needs to be appreciated. Too often, leaders tend to get much of the recognition for a business and it’s progress. People rarely get to acknowledge the team members who were integral to a company’s running. This is where leaders should show appreciation for each one of their colleagues. Appreciation can be shown by saying specific thank yous, gift-giving, giving promotions, and more.