Who offers the best business coaching in the UK?

Are looking for business coaching in the UK? You might be just starting your first business. Or maybe looking to take your existing business to the next level. Or maybe you are looking to advance your corporate career to take on new responsibilities — and pay grade of course. There are many reasons to seek out professional guidance, but common for all is that you want to avoid stepping into the common traps that both new and experienced business professionals fall into. 

The fact is that 80% of startups fail within the first 5 years. And if existing businesses, even longstanding family businesses, doesn’t keep up with the times, they risk to get replaced by more proactive competitors. 

To avoid being among those many who get outperformed by the competition, you have to learn to avoid the costly mistakes that might cost you your business or career. A good business coach in the UK can steer you in the right direction, so make the right decisions for your business. 

But how do you find the right business coach for you? 

To answer that question, you need to look into the previous achievements of the coaches you look at. Are they practising what the preach? Have they led their own business to success? Or are they “career coaches” without hands-on experience running? It’s up to you if you want to trust the future of your business with someone who never got their hands dirty themselves, but we suggest that the first thing to ask them is; “What have you achieve yourself?” 

If your don’t feel you have the time to call around to all the business coaches in town, then we’ll quickly list some of the achievements of Issac Qureshi, London. Qureshi has successfully turned his startup business into a market leader earning over £500,000 in annual revenues. He personally negotiating a £7,400,000 market sale of that same company. 

Aside from being a founder and owner of several businesses, he is experienced leading business negotiations from both sides of the table. He handled the global re-branding of The Royal Bank of Scotland. He was responsible for re- launching the banks general insurance program, that delivered £9,000,000 in additional revenue in the first 3 months alone. 

What makes Isaac Qureshi a candidate for the best mentor in the UK, however, is the results he consistently gets for his coaching clients. He has been awarded numerous awards, including being named among the ‘Top 42 Under 42’ entrepreneurs by NW Business Insider magazine, being a finalist for ‘MEN Small Business of the Year’, nominated for the ‘LloydsTSB Asian Jewel award’, ‘EMBF(NW) Rising Star’ award, ‘Tiger Award’ and awarded ‘Regional Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year’ by the Royal Mail. 

A good mentor is the surest way to make quick transitions into a new industry without wasting your time and effort. 

To learn more about how it is to work with one of the UK’s top business coaches, contact Issac Qureshi, Machester, below: 


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