To get out of the their comfort zone

Being a successful leader means that you may need an extra push to get things done. When you become someone that is in the position to lead, you may shy away from doing something that is out of the ordinary for you, but having a mentor can keep you level headed, and give you that extra push you need to create something else great. Steve Jobs mentor was Bill Gates, with all the time they spent together and the amount of time Jobs spent idolizing and learning from Gates, may have been the reason why Apple has come such a far way. Even Jobs had someone to give him the push to move from computers to cell phones. Something that was not originally in the Apple plan.

To earning to accept criticism, as well as administer feedback to others

Having a mentor also teaches you how to accept criticism, this is a trait that everyone needs to adopt. When you learn to accept constructive criticism from someone who has more experience than you, you will be unstoppable. It is not a negative thing when someone you look up tells you what can be done better, it should be a humbling experience. Once you as a leader understand adopt the need for constructive criticism, that will allow you to give positive feedback to the those that look up to you. So, not only is your mentoring making you better, they are helping you make others better also.

Having someone you can go to with your problems can reduce stress

Even leaders become stressed out, it is a hard job to maintain your personal image as well as help others become successful also. This is why a mentor is more important than teaching skills, a mentor is someone that you should be able to go and talk too about both your personal and career problems. Having someone in your corner that is more than a teacher, but also a friend; is one of the most important reasons why people who are in positions of power, need someone to mentor them also.

Mentorship is something that everyone should adopt, not only will it help you push yourself in your career but can help make you an overall better person. As a leader it is important to stay humble, as people are looking up to you. Finding someone that you look up too to become your mentor, can really keep you grounded and help you achieve things in your life that you wouldn’t be capable of doing without someone in your corner.