You should contact Issac Qureshi as he is the best mentor in the UK

Do you own a business or thinking of starting one? 

Then by far the best investment you can make is contacting a mentor. As much as 20% of small businesses fail within their first year, 30% the year after, and after 5 years half of new businesses will have gone out of business. What the few who make it have in common is that they seek out advice. They contact someone who has been in their shoes on how to avoid the common mistakes that prevent their growth and put so many entrepreneurs and small companies out of business. 

So how do you find the best mentor in the UK?

Unfortunately, we are currently in the middle of an epidemic of unhelpful coaches. Everyone and their grandmother seems to think that if you cannot find anything else to do, you can always become a coach. Therefore it is very important that you find the right mentor for you. Someone who have actually walked the talk themselves. A failed entrepreneur who decided to become a business coach, will likely only teach you how to fail. 

So the first thing you should ask a coach or mentor is what they have achieved with their own companies, and what results they have gotten for the business they have worked with as a coach/consultant/coach/etc. 

Issac Qureshi for instance, didn’t start mentoring entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, right out of law school. He founded his own business and grew it into a market leader generating over half a million pounds in annual revenues, before personally negotiating a £7,4 million market sale. He then went on to manage 8 figure budgets and corporate mergers for some of the biggest businesses in the UK, including The Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Isaac went from being an award winning business leader, to taking the backseat as non-executive director of his current business, while focusing on helping aspiring business owners to the next level. 

What makes Issac Qureshi different? 

As a business mentor in UK, Issac doesn’t work from a theoretical or philosophical background. His insight, support and guidance comes from practical experience. He might show you have to implement tax strategies into you business plans, but only because he has used such strategies with great success in the past. When he works with you to bring out your unique leadership qualities, it is not based on management books, but on his own personal experience leading startups and major corporations.

To learn more about how the right mentor can lead you to business and career growth, contact Issac Qureshi, Business coaching expert UK.


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