Issac Qureshi knows business well enough to take it apart and reconstruct it. He specializes in adaptation to the world of commerce: while he surely can run a company, he makes it a point to learn the language of a company that is already established, note its strengths, spot its weaknesses, and turn the whole establishment over to discover its untouched potential. After years of diligent work in his education and in the field, Qureshi knows how to found and run a company built for success in an ever-changing market.



Experienced finance and taxation professional highly regarded for making outstanding contributions with various organisations in the UK.











The London School of Economic and Political Science

Bachelor of Laws

1st Class Honours



Master of Laws, International and Commercial Trust Law

1st Class Honours



Ogilvy & Haart

Director of Client Services

Ogilvy Haart is a London based company that specialises in delivering taxation & wealth management advice to both individuals and businesses.


Team Management

Business Development

1-2-1 Coaching

Leadership Skills

Professional Development

Mentoring Success


About Issac Qureshi

About Issac Qureshi

Accorded with the LloydsTSB Asian Jewel Award, EMBF Rising Star Award, the Tiger Award, and Royal Mail’s title of Regional Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year, it is no surprise that NW Business Insider Magazine recognized Qureshi in their “Top 42 Under 42” list in 2006.

The year he earned his BA and Honors in Social & Economic History from Liverpool University in the UK, Qureshi hit the ground running as an Account Executive at Kaleidoscope ADM in 1995. He adjusted the way of the business world quickly, acquiring tools like advertising, design, and marketing strategy which he would later employ. Completing his formal education, Qureshi obtained his diploma from Manchester University Institute of Direct Marketing in 1998, and graduated with an MA in Marketing from Toronto University in Canada, in 2003. He later went on to graduate first honors with his Bachelor of Laws from The London School of Economics and Political Science. He completed his Master of Laws, with a focus in International and Commercial Trust Law, from UCL, also first honors.

Wasting no time, Qureshi co-founded Urban Logic UK in 2004, a professional authority in property investment. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of his own company for two years, honing his skills in marketing programs, customer services, income maximization, and intercompany relationships. A few years later, and well-versed in company management, Qureshi began as the Chief executive Officer of LAKAS Investments PLC, dedicated to retail investment. With a background in strategy and management, Qureshi can adapt to any type of business and strengthen it for profitability. Before founding his own enterprises, he moved on to Marvel Marketing as a Non-Executive Director, and exercised his prowess in fundraising, campaign analysis, and working with shareholders and brokers. In 2014, he founded the highly successful Ogilvy & Haart, a wealth management and taxation consultancy.

Having worked as the Ambassador for a charity Karma Nirvana and Mix-d, he works best in communities. It is easy for him to see the value in an organization with which he has had no previous experience, which explains his ability to raise more than 7m in fundraising for companies he has no personal affiliation with.

With experience in asset protection, stock market strategy, and marketing technique, Qureshi is an unparalleled expert in his field, who continuously acquires up-to-date knowledge and readjusts his view of the market for optimal outcomes.

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